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Lucia here,

First of all, welcome! If you've come this far it's to know a little bit more about me, so here we go,


Born in la Mancha, Spain, I grew up doodling away, graduated in Nursing School and left to the US for a year. Moved to Ireland next and here is where things got real.

Took some Graphic Design classes in Dublin Institute of Design and later studied Illustration in St John's, Cork. At the same time I opened my online shop and started getting more commissioned work for small businesses and private clients. I moved into studio 88 for a few months, where I got to work along very talented and creative people. I only left because I decided to travel New Zealand, bringing all my work and projects in my backpack.

About me



Pretty much anything! I love a good clean and effective design. As an illustrator, I give my personal style to every project, making them unique and distinctive. So if that's what you're looking for go to the contact page and leave a message! I love working from my clients ideas, hearing what they have in mind, bringing my perspective into it and coming up with a final piece together. I've worked designing logos, posters, vouchers, t-shits, menus, wedding invitations, trailers, murals... and can't wait to work on the next project together!

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